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Two Words Changed Everything

Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger of First Baptist Church Gulf Breeze brings us this week’s message: Two Words Changed Everything. Two very simple words. Two words changed everything. When Jesus began his ministry, he offered only two small words to his disciples. The call is still the same for us today. “Follow me!”

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191006: Two Words Changed Everything

Two Words Changed Everything Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger of First Baptist Church Gulf Breeze brings us this week's message: Two Words Changed Everything. Two very simple words. Two words changed everything. When Jesus began his ministry, he offered only two...

190930: Wholly Holy, Part XV

Wholly Holy, Part XV How do we live out holiness in our personal lives? It is a gift to us, but also a responsibility we are given. Holiness is our as followers of Christ, but it is also a choice we make. We are holy, and we also live holy. This week we...

19092: Wholly Holy, Part XIV

Wholly Holy, Part XIC Jesus Christ is the same today as He has ever been. God never changes. The call to holiness is still the same. The great news is that God equips us to live this holy life. His promise to us is that He will “never leave us or forsake...

190916: Wholly Holy, Part XIII

Wholly Holy, Part XIII There are two different paths to holiness presented in the Bible. One is impossible, the other is guaranteed. The first path is a precursor and set up for the second path. We can choose to “earn and deserve” God’s favor, or “believe...

190909: Wholly Holy, Part XII

Wholly Holy, Part XII Holiness. God is always at work on us. He is holy, and His desire is for us to be holy. Without holiness we will not see God. We are to be holy. God is doing His part, but are we doing our part? It’s a two-way street.

190902: Wholly Holy, Part XI

Wholly Holy, Part XI Discipline. The word immediately conjures up a negative connotation. Even the Bible states, “no discipline is pleasant at the time”. But, the Bible is also clear, “God disciplines those He loves”. God is in the discipline business....

190826: Wholly Holy, Part X

Wholly Holy, Part X God is Holy. This is without question. We are called to live out a Holy life. This is undebatable. But now, how? Walking this out, is a little more difficult. How much of Holy living is up to us? How much is up to God?

190819: Wholly Holy, Part IX

Wholly Holy, Part IX We are commanded to live holy lives. But how? How do we practically live out holiness in a culture that is everything but holy? Spiritual maturity is at the core of holiness. Holiness is a lifelong pursuit. We grow in our desire for...

190812: Wholly Holy, Part VIII

Wholly Holy, Part VIII The “sacred” and the “secular”. This distinction has been made for years. We divide our lives into these two categories. But, is this Biblical? The whole earth revolves around the holiness of God. Could it be that even the things we...

190805: Wholly Holy, Part VII

Wholly Holy, Part VII Everything in our lives revolve around the issue of holiness. Holiness is the foundation of everything. Our thoughts, our words, our actions, our finances. No matter what it is, our view of holiness is at the core. There is not...

190728: Wholly Holy, Part VI

Wholly Holy, Part VI For all of eternity the words “Holy, Holy, Holy” are echoed in the throne room of God. The apostle John was given a glimpse of this very scene. The words continue with “The God who was, and is, and is to come”. The holiness of God is...

190722: Wholly Holy, Part V

Wholly Holy, Part V “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty”. For the past several weeks we have been focusing on the holiness of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. This week we looked at holiness through the eyes of the seraphim. How exactly do the...

190714: Wholly Holy, Part IV

Wholly Holy, Part IV Jesus is the only person in history that was uniquely two things at one time. Today, Pastor Kevin Tillman tells us. that Jesus was fully God and fully man. Said another way, he was fully holy and fully human. The humanity of Jesus is...

190707: Wholly Holy, Part III

Wholly Holy, Part III Join us as Pastor Brent Allen of FBC Gulf Breeze teaches us today that the Holy Spirit is holy. Seems like an obvious statement right? The word “holy” is built right into the description. Every believer in Jesus Christ receives the...

190630: Wholly Holy, Part II

Wholly Holy, Part II Pastor Bob Murphy of FBC Gulf Breeze teaches today that there is no one Holy like God. Yet, He has called us to “be Holy”. God wouldn’t ask us to do something that wasn’t possible. We are to live Holy lives. However, it seems to be...

190623: Wholly Holy, Part I

Wholly Holy, Part I “Be Holy”. That's the message today from Pastor Brent Allen of FBC Gulf Breeze. God gives us this instruction from His word. We are to be Holy. Holiness effects every part of our lives. God is Holy, and He wants us to not only recognize...

190616: When You Come to the Fork in the Road

When You Come to the Fork in the Road A fork in the road is a place of decision. Two choices, two paths, a decision has to be made. At some point, we all come to a fork in the road. God doesn’t force us to make a decision one way or the other. The “yes” or...

190611: Root and Fruit

Root and Fruit, Part II We continued the message “Root and Fruit” this week. Everyone desires the fruit of the Christian life. After all, that is the most visible part of the tree. That is the purpose of the tree. However, without roots, there is no fruit....

190602: Root and Fruit

Root and Fruit What does the church want from me? That’s a great question. Our desire is for each person to fulfill their God-given purpose. In Christian lingo we call this “bearing fruit”. The goal is being fruitful. But, there is a process. The root is...

190526: When God Says Yes

When God Says Yes God says no. God says yes. When God says no to one thing, it is to say yes to something else. Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger of FBC Gulf Breeze lets us know today that when God says yes to something it requires a no somewhere else. Every yes...

190519: Boundaries

Creating Healthy Boundaries, Part II Have you ever heard the phrase, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no."? Today at FBC Gulf Breeze, Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger talks to us more about Boundaries and why they are important.

190512: Creating Healthy Boundaries, Part II

Creating Healthy Boundaries, Part II The purpose of Jesus in someone's life is freedom. Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger shows us how some could see how boundaries on the surface seem to be contrary to freedom. By our human thinking, freedom comes when all...

190505: Creating Healthy Boundaries

Creating Healthy Boundaries Who are you responsible for? Who are you responsible to? Boundaries are protection. They set clearly defined limits and expectations. Without boundaries, we are susceptible to being taken advantage of. Do you find yourself...

190428: The Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch When you hear the phrase, "The Seven Year Itch", what comes to mind? Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger brings his message this Sunday concerning the need for and the command to "rest". Join us today as we study the topic of the sabbatical out...

190421: Death is Dead

Death is Dead Death. It’s the biggest fear and challenge we face. Death is the ultimate end. Death is final. Or is it? What if there is no end? What if it doesn’t have to be final? How would if affect every part of our life and our attitude if we didn’t...

190414: Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words While Jesus was on the cross, he spoke 7 different phrases. This week, as we start the Holy Week, we took a brief overview of these statements.

190407: God is Not Fair

God is Not Fair Do you ever think God isn't fair? Maybe you think He blesses someone else more than you? Or you think He shows favor to someone else and not you. Pastor Jeff takes this head on this morning.

190401: Do You Want to See God?

Do You Want to See God? Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger asks an interesting question this week at FBC Gulf Breeze - "So, do you want to see God? Are you ready for what God reveals? Do you want to see God?"

190325: When God Breaks Your Leg

When God Breaks Your Leg Remember when Jacob wrestled with God? It changed his life forever. Join us as Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger brings us this week's message.

190317: God Loves You, But . . .

God Loves You, But . . . God loves you! That’s the message of the Bible. That’s the main message you hear from pulpits today. And, it’s the right message. After all, God is a God of love. God does love His creation. God does desire relationship with His...

190310: The Perfect Church That Wasn’t

The Perfect Church That Wasn't What are your issues? Are they with God? Or are they with yourself? Pastor Jeff Spooneybarger talks today about the Perfect Church that Wasn't.

190303: Guest Speaker, Dr. William Lile, OBGYN

Guest Speaker: Dr. Bill Lile, OB/GYN With current events happening around the nation dealing with abortion, Dr. William Lile of Sacred Heart Hospital joins us today to discuss this very timely message. .

190223: Have You Lost the Wonder

Have You Lost the Wonder Pastor Jeff revives the classic message from Pastor Vance Havner called - "Have You Lost the Wonder".

190210: The Real Cost of Discipleship

The Real Cost of Discipleship Next up on classic sermons series, Pastor Jeff brings us a message from Leonard Ravenhill called - "The Real Cost of Discipleship".

190121: Ten Shekels and a Shirt

Ten Shekels and a ShirtPastor Jeff brings us another classic message. This time, we hear from Paris Reidhead called "Ten Shekels and a Shirt".  Get ready to be encouraged by the revisiting of this amazing message from Pastor Reidhead.

190121: That’s My King

That's My King!Pastor Jeff brings us a classic message from S.M. Lockridge called "That's My Knig!".  Get ready to be encouraged by the revisiting of this amazing message from Pastor Lockridge.

190113: Payday Someday

Payday Someday Pastor Jeff brings us a classic message from R.G. Lee called "Payday Someday" from 1919. This was the first time R.G. preached this message. He subsequently preached this message 1,275 times!

190106: Whatever

WhateverPastor Jeff brings back a word from the 80's.