FBC Gulf Breeze and the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We have resumed our weekly worship services at 9:00am.  However, we have taped off several of the pews, and are encouraging social distancing.  Masks are worn by some of our members, but not all.  We are allowing this to be a personal decision by each member.  For those desiring extra space, we have also opened our balcony seating.  We will continue to stream our weekly service on our Facebook page for those choosing to stay at home.

Bible Study Meetings Schedule

The following meetings are postponed until further notice:

  • Wednesday Night Bible Study;
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study;
  • Friday Morning Choir Practice.


What About My Tithe?

FBC Gulf Breeze is not ceasing to minister to our community and church members. As a matter of fact, in many ways our staff and leadership have increased their commitment of serving others, so it’s vital that everyone continue to worship with their faithful giving.

For those who regularly give tithes and offerings in worship services, we encourage you to take advantage of online giving

  • To GIVE ONLINE: You can give online at: FBCGB Online Giving
  • To HAVE YOUR TITHE PICKED UP: We know that is can be stressful to even think about going out. A staff member can come by to check on you, pray with you and pick up your tithe.

We Trust in God; Faith is contagious!