Storypoint Church, Gulf Breeze, Forida First Baptist Church, Gulf Breeze, Forida Mision Casa Church, Gulf Breeze, Forida

We are three churches in one location. That might sound strange, so here's the story:

Storypoint Church is a mission driven church. We exist to tell God's story in a way others will believe and begin to tell it themselves. We do three things:
  • Love God
  • Do Good
  • Tell the Story
First Baptist has been in Gulf Breeze for more than 60 years. A little less than 2 years ago we realized that Gulf Breeze is quite diverse and we were not able to connect with everyone in the city. Rather than trying to be a one size fits all church, we started two more unique churches out of First Baptist with the desire to tell God's story to as many people as possible. Mision Casa is our Spanish speaking church. Led by Pastor Gabo Vargas, their reach extends beyond Pensacola and into South America thanks to the use of technology.

First Baptist continues to be a solid, biblical church where worshipers can experience the presence of God.

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